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We believe in creating a working culture that promotes trust,
respect, diversity, inclusion and integrity – one in which each
individual is valued and given every opportunity to fulfill
his or her full potential

Work / Life Balance

We believe that all our employees have the right
to enjoy a healthy and productive work/life
balance at all stages of their career.
Here, we ensure that this is a reality and not
just an aspiration to help people balance their
lives better.

External Relationships

We believe that our long-term business is crucially dependant on strong, open and honest relationships with all our external stakeholders. We seek to respect the quality of life and the economic and social progress of the communities in which our company operates.

Recruitment is a two-way process. It is an opportunity
for you to discover whether this is the place you want
to be, as much as it is for us to see whether you’d be
right for us


You can apply to us by sending your CV. We aim to respond to your application within 5 working days. We offer open and honest feedback following interviews, and we’re committed to keeping you in the picture at all times. We also actively seek and respond to your feedback about us and continually evaluate our recruitment procedures.

Confidentiality and Diversity

We guarantee confidentiality. We also recognise the value of diversity in our workforce and don’t discriminate on grounds of race, sex, religion, disability or age. In addition, we are committed to recognising the need to balance work with personal life and we are open to discussing your needs during the recruitment process.

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Please send in your CV to hr@maskaraexports.com
and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Current openings:

Senior Merchandiser
Textile Designer – Internship
Textile Designer – Full time